The hive is an indispensable part of beekeeping, the place where the colony lives and produces honey, propolis, royal jelly and pollen. Both for professionals and for amateurs, offers a choice of hives suited to all needs and to all budgets.

An offer of hives available for online purchase at the service of each beekeeper, marrying quality and sturdiness for optimal performance. Complete Dadant or plastic hives, a wide range of mini-hives (five or six frames, polystyrene, miniplus, cardboard), these products have been selected to meet beekeepers’ expectations. Many Dadant and Langstroth hive items are also available, including hive stands and bases, bodies, frames, supers, frame covers, roofs and feeders.

To best preserve the qualities of the hive, this Hive category provides beekeepers with protections, via specific paint and oils, but also a variety of supplies such as doors, racks, smooth or inter-frame strips, handles, clamps, holders and hive base grilles or grids.

Everything you need to give your bees the best possible place to live.

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