A lid is simple item, but it is essential to preserving the quality of the honey and the security of its packaging. The selection of lids and caps offered for purchase at the site allows optimum storage and preservation of apiculture products. By preventing any intrusion by air or humidity, these lids and caps durably preserve all the qualities of the honey.

Perfectly designed for jarring honey, the selection in this category offers plastic lids for 500kg or 1kg plastic jars. Made of polyethylene, these plastic lids are recyclable.

The site also offers gold-coloured metal caps for different opening sizes, TO63, TO70 and TO82. These caps are particularly useful for pasteurising glass jars.

This ‘Lids’ category also offers users lids that are suitable for 5kg, 10kg or 25kg buckets. Made of polypropylene, they offer an optimal hermetic seal for these large-capacity containers.

For glass jars as well as plastic jars or buckets, this selection of lids and caps is suited to all formats and all requirements.

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