To maintain their hives to the best possible level and work optimally within the apiary, beekeepers must possess suitable equipment. For these online purchases, obee-shop.com gathers together all the supplies that are indispensable for proper clothing, but also for support in every step along the road of the beekeeper’s work, from capturing the swarm to harvesting the honey via raising and feeding.

To develop in these tasks with ease and comfort, in this category beekeepers will find overalls for all shapes and sizes, tunics, and also several benchmark veil, mask and glove products.

Taking care of a colony also means taking care of its feeding, above all using syrups and solid feed which nourish and sometimes stimulate the bees. It also means ensuring impeccable hygiene in the hive, with sprayers, drill bits, refills, varroa mite monitoring boards, propolis scrapers and honey house cleaner.

Here, all the necessary supplies are available, from swarm traps and swarm lures to frames and small supplies for raising bees, and including escape boards, frame boxes, frame covers with holes and frame holders for harvesting.

Finally, the ‘In the apiary’ category includes a wide range of smokers, fuels, frame lifters, brushes, as well as miscellaneous supplies including hornet traps.

A full range of products to meet, in each season, the requirements of all beekeepers, whether beginners or experienced.

Apiary: purchase of beekeeping material to manage your apiary

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