Plastic jars

For packaging honey and other beehive products, plastic jars are a casing of choice with their own special qualities. Practical and light, plastic jars are perfectly suited to current modes of consumption. Because they are simple to transport and have a low risk of breakage, plastic jars are the ideal companion for food lovers.

The plastic jars available for sale at the website are both sturdy and modern. They meet the most fundamental criterion by completely and lastingly maintaining the taste properties of the honey.

With a generous capacity of 500g or 1kg, they offer an ideal solution to beekeepers for simple and efficient packing of their honey. Made of polypropylene or PET plastic, these plastic jars are entirely recyclable. The lifespan of a plastic jar is thus extended, which limits its environmental impact and participates in the preservation of ecosystems.

Classic in shape for a plain and simple look, or round for a chic and elegant ultimate appearance, the plastic jars presented at the site have something to suit all tastes and all the requirements of beekeepers.

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