The story of OBee-shop begins in the heart of the Pyrenees.
This beekeeping shop opened back in 2008 to make up for the lack of equipment available in the local area. 
To cater to local beekeepers, the shop already offered a large catalogue of products and a wide variety of tools and equipment.

A vital and much-loved local store.

Very soon, demand surpassed the boundaries of our local region and it made sense to offer the same level of service to beekeepers based further afield. So that is how the online OBee-shop came into being.
Just like the little shop it was back at the beginning, this online store strives to remain a welcoming place, where beekeepers can come for help and assistance.
Our teams are made up of passionate professionals with extensive experience in the field, its requirements, its constraints and, of course, its pleasures.
The products are selected by experts with unparalleled knowledge of nature and its treasures.

Quality, usefulness and practicality

are the cornerstones of
Since beekeeping is not the only treasure nature has to offer, OBee-shop developed an interest in the extraction of tree water, which is still largely unknown in France. With this ongoing objective of surrounding ourselves with the best partners and guaranteeing customers flawless expertise, OBee-shop has teamed up with the Canadian company CDL. A world leader in tree sap extraction, CDL has a unique level of expertise in the area. This partnership gives us an unprecedented opportunity to showcase new techniques and processes for extracting natural tree sap to French professionals and amateurs alike.
By combining beekeeping and tree sap extraction,
OBee-shop is bringing together two very different agricultural practices, which have one crucial thing in common:

love and respect for nature and the gifts it provides.

These are fundamental values in the creation and everyday actions of OBee-shop
but also the Famille Michaud Apiculteurs company,
founded in 1920 and a leader in the honey market, with which it is affiliated.