Bees are, in essence, the living strength of a beekeeper. The success of a harvest depends in part on the quality of the swarm and its queen. To stock a hive, beekeepers must therefore choose with care the swarm that will populate it. offers for sale both swarms and queens, all of French origin.

The swarms presented in this ‘Bee’ category are of the Buckfast breed. From professional French raising operations, they are offered for sale in 5 brood frames, hived or ready for hiving. They are available from the end of March, depending on weather conditions.

Likewise, beekeepers can obtain queens, also of the Buckfast breed and from professional French raising operations. For you to choose from, offers fertilised and overwintered queens (available from the end of March depending on weather conditions) but also fertilised first-year queens, which can be acquired from the end of May, also depending on weather conditions.

A selection of high-quality swarms and queens to offer beekeepers the best chances of developing a healthy and productive colony.

Purchase of bee swarm & queen for your hive | Obee Shop

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