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A label is the finishing touch in packaging. Placed on the front of a jar of honey, or of any other product, it embellishes and identifies the jar. As the last message placed on the product, a label is a superb extension of the link between the beekeeper and the consumer. This is an item that must be thoughtfully selected, which is why the site offers for sale an extensive and carefully chosen selection of adhesive labels.

In this selection, this category offers variety labels that provide a beautiful revelation of the floral name of the honey. With their gold inscriptions on a black background, they indicate with refinement the quality of the product and are a subtle introduction to the enjoyment of tasting it.

To distinguish and decorate jars of honey, oval and rectangular adhesive labels are also available for online purchase. Available in colour and printed in high definition, they offer high-quality marking and identification.

In a variety of formats, 12x50mm, 92x60mm or 116x50 mm, these labels are a tasteful way to distinguish jars and their contents, whether they be honey, jam or any other type of conserve! Whether plain or decorated with ornamentation, they can suit all the wishes of the user.

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