Glass jars

With lasting consideration for all the properties and all the flavours of their contents, glass jars are the allies both of beekeepers and of consumers.

Specifically designed for food preserves, these traditional containers on sale at the site offer faultless security for conserving honey and jam.

Among their many fine qualities, glass jars are particularly environmentally friendly because they can be recycled on an ongoing basis. This means that their environmental impact is reduced, so that they participate preserving nature and ecosystems.

The glass jars available for online purchase at the site have a capacity of 250g, 375g, 500g and 1kg, which means that they meet the varied needs of beekeepers and of users.

You will have a varied choice of benchmark items that meet all expectations in terms of presentation and performance. Those who prefer a classic style will find something to suit their taste in the cylindrical jars that never go out of style, while lovers of more elaborate products will be drawn to cone-shaped jars, decorated with small bees or honeycomb designs.

Generous, family-style, traditional, modern, plain or elegant, everyone will find here the glass jar that will be the best home for their honey, jam and preserves!

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