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The honey house is a special place in honey production. It’s where the work of beekeeping bears fruit and the precious nectar is extracted and processed. In order best to facilitate and optimise the beekeeper’s work, it is important to have available supplies that are both practical and robust. This ‘Honey house supplies’ category at the obee-shop.com site offers for purchase valuable tools that save time and help you optimise production.

Among these tools, beekeepers will find a wide selection of uncapping tools including knives, forks, tanks or spiked rollers.

As indispensable items for a honey house, several extractors are offered, from 2 1/2 frames to 12 frames, as well as maturing tanks from 40kg to 250 kg, made of plastic or stainless steel.

New barrels with a capacity of 200 litres are also available for sale in order to store honey in the best possible manner.

For amateur beekeepers or occasional requirements, obee-shop.com offers supplies for rent such as 3 1/2 frame or 9 frame electric extractors. Likewise, professional equipment is available for rent and can be ordered from our teams.

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