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Whether you are a professional or an amateur, all beekeepers need strong, high-quality equipment to set up their hives, raise their colonies and harvest their honey. provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise, selling all the equipment any beekeeper could possibly need.

This “Beekeeping” section offers a range of full beehives, mini beehives and protective products, as well as a wide selection of beehive equipment and accessories. 

The frames and the wax they hold are also key components of a beehive, so they need to be chosen carefully. This is why offers a number of Dadant and Langstroth frame and wax formats, as well as accessories and tools to help melt the wax. 

For day-to-day work on the beehives, the site also offers beekeepers all the necessary clothing as well as the essential equipment for feeding and raising the bees and harvesting honey.

Practical and suitable tools are essential during the long-awaited harvesting stage. The “Honey production” section meets these needs with a wide selection of uncapping knives and machines, extractors and settling tanks, as well as tanks and professional extraction equipment available for hire.

Since hives are nothing without their precious bees, we sell overwintered colonies, either already in a hive or still to be placed in a hive, along with fertilised queens, which are either overwintered or from the present year.  

This “beekeeping” section brings together a comprehensive selection of tools and equipment to meet the requirements of any beekeeper and satisfy the needs of their colonies.

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