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Jars and packaging

The result of the bees’ tireless labours and the beekeeper’s meticulous care and attention, honey, pollen and other beehive products deserve only the best when it comes to packaging. The jars and packaging available for purchase on have been carefully selected based on their safety, strength, practicality and performance. 

Specifically designed for food preservation, these jars and packaging options meet the highest quality standards. Whether traditional or decorative, these jars are sure to satisfy everyone’s tastes. We offer a large selection of containers, with glass jars ranging between 250g and 1kg, plastic jars of 500g and 1kg as well as many different lids and caps. For those needing larger containers, has various buckets available, with capacities ranging from 5kg to 40kg.

Whether they contain honey, jam or any other preserved food, an attractive sticky label can brighten up any jar. The selection of oval or rectangular variety labels gives the user a lot of choice with high-definition printing and a careful finish.

The “Jars and packaging” section of provides everything you need to ensure that your honeys, jams and other preserves are packaged in a way befitting of their quality. 

Jars & Packaging for your honey available for purchase | Obee Shop

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