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Choosing and maintaining the frames and wax foundation for your hive are decisive steps along the way. Frames, and the wax they hold, are the place where the queen lays her eggs, where the larvae are raised and where the honey and pollen are stored. That means they deserve the greatest care and attention from the beekeeper.

For purchasing the best frames and wax foundation on line, choose

We offer you a wide selection of frames, Hoffman or straight-side design, but also Baticadre cellular frames and diagonal wedge bars.

For the wax foundation, the beekeeper may select Dadant format, body or super, and Langstroth format.

Preparing the wax foundation and placing it into the frame becomes easier when you use the right tools for the task such as burettes, spur wire wheels or wax welders.

Using proper equipment to melt the wax is also indispensable. This category offers a fine selection of solar wax extractors, melting tanks, aluminium moulds and wax heaters.

Whatever the needs and skills of the beekeeper, these frame and wax products adapt to suit everyone. Top-quality supplies and tools with unmatched performance.

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