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In order to help their production, harvesters of birch sap need reliable, durable and effective installations. To do this, proper equipment and suitable tools are indispensable. The selection of fittings and spouts available for online purchase at the site is an invaluable source of help for all harvesters of birch sap.

In this category, ‘Fittings and spouts’, an entire series of Spinseal CDL tools are offered for purchase, including a light and compact heat-sealed fitting, a comfortable drilling jig, a 9/64 drill bit as well as practical and economical fittings.

Multiple benchmark fitting types as well as Spinseal are also offered, helpful for inserting tubing into the birch tapping system. Among its fittings, this category of the site offers 5/16 stars with 3 or 6 branches, multi 3/4 fittings to connect the lateral lines to the mainline, double plastic forks, PVC Y couplings, 3/16 and Maxflow health Ts, 3/16 and 5/16 couplings, and also PVC plugs.

Birch sap producers can also equip themselves with 3/16 and 5/16 Maxflow spouts.

This ‘Fitting and spouts’ category thus offers a broad choice of supplies that are both practical and effective. These ensure valuable time savings on a daily basis for optimal performance.

Fittings & Spouts for birch sap harvesters

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