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Collection is a fundamental step in producing birch sap. To work with maximum efficiency and achieve an optimal result, it is essential to be properly equipped. In this ‘Buckets and accessories’ category, the site obee-shop.com brings together supplies of exceptional quality that are both practical and simple to use.

Among these choice tools, birch sap producers can purchase on line a plastic food-quality bucket with a capacity of 6 litres, sturdy and functional, but also a complete tapping kit for beginning producers.

The bucket lids offered at the obee-shop.com site are essential items for protecting the contents of the bucket and keeping it from any risk of contamination or fouling. This category also includes sap bags as well as their specially adapted holders. To facilitate installing plastic sap buckets, the 5/16 spout for sap buckets is particularly useful. Similarly, the aluminium spout for blue sap bags provides a perfect attachment to the galvanised holder.

These professional tools, suited to the needs and profiles of all birch sap harvesters, contribute to facilitating production and allow optimum efficiency.

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