To optimise work and ensure high-quality production, birch sap harvesters must be equipped with proper tools. In order to help them with their equipment needs, the site presents a full series of practical and reliable tools. In both the small and large tasks that make up a day’s work, these tools are an invaluable help.

The ‘Tools’ category offers a selection of pliers for purchase, including condensed pliers for 3/16 and 5/16 fittings but also 3/16 and 5/16 compact insertion pliers or 4WR+ compact pliers.

The 31/64 and 5/16 adjustable CDL punches as well as the double fork pliers for 1 and 3/4 mainline are also particularly functional tools.

This category of the site also offers a choice of 5/16 CDL tapping bits, 9/64 tapping bits for 3/16 Spinseal fittings as well as 5/16 Spinseal drilling jigs with bit.

Other tools available in this category include CDL aluminium tapping hammers, 22.5 spout removers, 2 tube cutters, spout cleaning brushes but also CDL work aprons, backpack-worn 6L isopropyl alcohol cleaning sets, or spare blades for 5/16 wire strippers.

A complete selection of practical and functional tools.

Tools for producing & harvesting birch sap available for purchase

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