Tubing is an essential item in producing and harvesting birch sap. At the obee-shop.com site, the tubing offered for online purchase is easy to use and effective and allows optimisation of production. The ultimate goal: to achieve an exemplary quality of sap.

With this aim, obee-shop.com offers a carefully selected choice of tubing, including a semi-rigid CDL 3/16 tube. This tube provides valuable help as it is an ideal alternative to an electric or mechanical pump for creating a vacuum.

With the same aim of effective operation, the 5/16 semi-rigid flex tube can be manoeuvred in all circumstances. It also ensures maximum watertightness. This category, ‘Tubing’, also includes 3/4 rapi tubes, 3/4 open tension grips to prevent recoil of large-gauge 3/4 tubes, but also rapifix 200 tie-back straps for optimal placement of tubing from tree to tree and tightening of all lines over the course of the season or following the passage of animals.

The horizontal 5/16 tube reel is also a valuable ally as it facilitates tube unreeling with a minimum of effort.

These benchmark tubing items all have impeccable quality in common. They offer producers of birch sap the opportunity to achieve optimised results with a minimum of work.

Tubing for producing & harvesting birch sap

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