Fitting and valves

Fittings and valves are indispensable elements of any birch tapping installation. At the site, this specific category offers for purchase top-notch equipment designed with care. These products, a majority of which are made of stainless steel, are particularly robust and durable.

Among these items of benchmark quality, a producer of birch sap can purchase a stainless steel 1/2 to 2 Y with triple insert and a stainless steel 3/4 coupling with double insert. This category also offers for online purchase 3/4FIPT and 3/4INS stainless steel ball valves which allow a clean stop to the flow of liquid and ensure an optimal lifespan for the valve. For an easy and secure fitting of two 3/4 tubes, a 3/4 stainless steel quick coupling adapter is also presented.

These are not the only benchmark items available in this category which provides an extensive choice of products. We also offer 1-1/2 silicone O-ring ferrule joints, 3/4 stainless steel HS-10 screw clamps or 1 stainless steel HS-16 stainless steel screw clamps, or 1-1/2 ‘butterfly clamp’ stainless steel clips.

Fittings & valves for birch tapping

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