Birch water

For optimal harvesting of high-quality sap, suitable, operational equipment is essential. Whether it’s tools or equipment you need, making the right choices is crucial to ensure you get the best results with the least effort.

To assist birch water producers, offers a wide range of products, in partnership with the Canadian company CDL, a leader in maple sap extraction equipment for making delicious maple syrup in the famous sugar houses! These products were carefully selected with CDL based on their quality and reliability.

Among these products available to purchase online, birch water collectors will find a selection of fittings and spouts, including a range of Spinseal CDL tools and Maxflow spouts.

Sap collection also requires specific equipment such as collection buckets, collection bucket lids, spouts for collection bucket hoses and collection bucket bags.

It is important not to forget the little details, which are essential to ensure the equipment works properly and doesn’t leak. therefore offers a comprehensive range of sturdy and durable fittings and valves made of stainless steel. A wide range of piping is also able to meet the specific needs of birch water producers along with a huge selection of tools such as pliers, adjustable punches, CDL drill bits and CDL tapping hammers. provides a professional service, offering a clear and comprehensive selection of equipment suitable for all birch water producers, however big or small.

Birch sap: tapping material for professionals

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